Gather around the campfire

Firelight Theatre Workshop is able to offer innovative and affordable theatre programming thanks to our community support. Our volunteers contribute their time and expertise in many ways — hosting a performance, finding props and costumes, providing food, hanging posters, marketing our projects. Your support makes a difference. Help keep the fire lit by becoming a volunteer.

volunteer to be a house manager

Would you like to help take tickets and greet audience members, while seeing the show at no charge? Please consider signing up as a House Manager for Body Awareness, running March 27-April 20. Thank you!

wish list for body awareness

Do you have a rolling chalkboard? A bunch of clean white bedsheets? A photo studio backdrop? A kitchen cart or island?

For each Firelight production, we ask our community for prop loans to help create the world of the play. Annie Baker’s Body Awareness takes place in a university classroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen. Please check out our WISH LIST, and if you have props to donate or loan, let us know. And thank you!

get involved!

To share your time, skills, or expertise with Firelight, fill out the form below. Thank you!

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Thank you for supporting we were friends

Thank you to the Peterborough Library for HOSTING We Were Friends, Episode 2. And thank you to the HOSTS of We Were Friends, Episode 1: Mayfair Farm, the Sandbacks, Peterborough's Putnam Park, the Jaffrey Civic Center, and the Antrim Bandstand. Thank you for the tasty CUPCAKES, M'lue Zahner, Jim and Jean Lambert, Sarah Heffron, Denise Zimmer, Chance Lee Joyner, and Peter Orbeton! And thank you for loaning PICNIC BLANKETS, Laura Carden and Melissa Maurer! A big thanks to Michelle Aldredge, Corwin Levi, and Susan MacNeil for GRAPHIC DESIGN and PR work.