Welcome to the 2018 inaugural season, in which we explore forgiveness, friendship, and hope.

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The Realistic Joneses

by Will Eno

“You were funny and weird, and you made me feel better. And I remembered people can do that. That talking with someone can make you feel better.”
— Jennifer Jones, The Realistic Joneses

october 25 - november 18 2018

Two couples -- both with the last name Jones -- become neighbors and friends...sort of. Although at different stages in their lives, both couples deal with the challenges of communication, honesty, and illness. Will Eno, who elevates dialogue to poetry, strikes a balance of comedy and candor in this quirky play. Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30pm; Saturday & Sundays at 2pm.

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My Self-summary: Earnest. Industrious. Idealistic. ENFJ. Born at the wrong time, I think...
— Margaret Fuller's online dating profile

thank you for coming to see we were friends

episode 2: september 20-27

We Were Friends is an ongoing theatrical experience inspired by the friendship between Ralph Waldo Emerson and Margaret Fuller, as imagined in today's world. When we last met Margaret and Ralph, they were celebrating their birthdays on two distant picnic blankets. Margaret suffered from a cold and indecision about moving. Ralph, a rising writer and speaker, offered no answers. But he did play her a song on his recorder. The friends debated Beauty: is it always there, or is there never enough of it?
In Episode 2, Industry: Help a Brother, Help a Sister, we caught up with them one year later, hard at work in the library. Script coming soon!

There was a groundswell of opinion last night that Firelight should bring [Annie Baker’s] Circle Mirror Transformation to the stage as a formal production. Such an intensely engaging work, and such a brilliant cast, needs to be seen beyond the (wonderful) staged reading.
— Audience member Michael Havey

thank you for coming to Circle Mirror Transformation!

On August 21, Firelight was delighted to present a staged reading of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker's Circle Mirror Transformation. It was a delight to share this play with you -- it is a unique love letter to theatre and human connection. And we were thrilled to work with performers Rob Eichler, Braeden Hatfield, Will Howell, Chance Lee, Jazimina MacNeil, Reagan Riffle, and Sarah Sandback.

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“Fire and Light. It has a certain glow to it.”
— Margaret & Ralph, as we imagine them

thank you for coming to see we were friends!

episode 1: June 20 - July 1

We Were Friends is an ongoing theatrical experience inspired by the friendship between Ralph Waldo Emerson and Margaret Fuller. How does one form and build friendships in adulthood? What are the possibilities, challenges, and limitations to friendship? Does friendship last forever, even after death?

To unpack these big questions, Fiffer and Lambert focus on this enigmatic and compelling friendship: Emerson, transcendentalist essayist and poet, and Fuller, journalist and activist. 

We Were Friends consists of 12 short performance pieces, or "episodes," that gesture to and reimagine the lives of Emerson and Fuller, as placed in today's world. The first three of these live episodes will be performed for the public in non-traditional theatre spaces in June, September, and December of this year.  If you missed Episode 1 live, read the script here!

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It’s funny and romantic and sad. It’s a proper night out.
— New York Times, Bill Nighy

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march 29 - april 22 in peterborough / april 25 - 29 in Chicago

Skylight, by English playwright David Hare, earned the 1996 Olivier Award for Play of the Year as well as the 2015 Tony Award for Best Revival of a play. This domestic three-person play is about love, forgiveness, and moving on. Featuring Jason Lambert, Braeden Hatfield, and Nora Fiffer.