Firelight launches newsletter, The Brief!

As a theatre workshop, process is very important to us. That's why we've created the brief, Firelight's twice-monthly publication. This is where you'll find out about upcoming shows and events, learn about our process, meet our collaborators, and find ways to get involved. We'll share what we're reading and listening to, ideas-in-the-works, problems we're trying to solve, and resources. In brief, we want to get to know each other -- so read on and stay in touch!

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Co-founders Nora Fiffer and Jason Lambert (photo: Kath Allen)

Co-founders Nora Fiffer and Jason Lambert (photo: Kath Allen)

Skylight in Rehearsal!

Jason Lambert plays Tom Sergeant, a successful restauranteur, and Nora Fiffer plays Kyra Hollis, a high school math teacher.

Skylight welcomes new cast member

Braeden Hatfield, a Peterborough high school junior, joins the cast of Skylight ! Braeden has performed in dozens of productions with Project Shakespeare and recently completed Nora's Advanced Scene Study for Adults. Braeden will play Edward Sergeant, an 18 year-old in his gap year who is on the brink of adulthood.  "I'm selling frankfurters outside football grounds. If you come close you can smell them." We're delighted to work with Braeden on this project.